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The Process

Learn and apply the ISM methodology with educators and mentors at your own pace.

Exclusive Offering

Book a Complimentary Session with Deloitte and let one of their experts support your company’s growth journey. From assistance maximizing and claiming Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits and other domestic and international government incentive programs to advice on securing financing or how to structure your company tax returns, Deloitte is there to help you achieve your unique business goals.

Black Founders

Startups we have accelerated for the Black Founders Hub at BIPOC Foundation, part of a federal economic development initiative to advance 300 Black-led businesses in Western Canada over 3 years. We also accelerated the BIPOC Foundation, enabling it to have advanced close to 100 businesses in 6 months.

Get your carbon footprint in real-time, with every transaction.

A secure, convenient platform for international students to pay tuition.

Virtual simulations to detect problems with oil & gas drilling.

Authorized East African wildlife safari trips to all national parks.

Online essentials shopping and delivery for people with mobility issues.

Fashion strategy, corporate & event styling, curated luxury shopping.

Premium men's underwear for active professional lifestyles.

Women's plus size clothing with reliable pieces that build confidence.



We have a passion for helping SDG-aligned, ESG-responsible entrepreneurs and businesses launch important innovations starting at any stage. We provide cross-sector knowledge and cross-disciplinary expertise to take them from idea through prototype, MVP, pilot, discovery, partnerships, and funding.

Case Studies

Projects that have successfully reached their next phase throughout our process.

Terms to participate (i.e. fees, equity, benefits, funding) are customized case by case. Prospective startups, partners and funders from any location are invited to express interest for consideration on a rolling basis.

Over the course of 3 months to a year in a hybrid or virtual format with flexible scheduling, we guide them through a unique process of UX Research, Business Development, Design Thinking, Product Development & Service Design, Community Strategy, and Strategic Partnerships with world-class mentors, production capabilities, and resources in technology and finance.

Non-dilutive Funding

Personal advising to pinpoint all government or non-dilutive funding opportunities fit for your business in Canada.


In-kind consulting and discounted services to access loans, grants, tax credits, incentive programs, bookkeeping, and financing.

Investor Network

Access to exclusive corporate events, and opportunities to pitch for angel investors and venture capitalists.

Tech Credits

Sponsorship to adopt or optimize cloud and advanced technology with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM.

CRM Platform

Free multi-year access to a Customer Relations Management platform including sentiment analysis technology.

Official References

Letters of support, recommendation, and nomination upon request to qualify for external opportunities.

Something To Contribute (STC)

Coming Soon

A marketing platform to connect and amplify Canada's charities and small businesses


STC will provide a marketplace where businesses donate to their most aligned charities, and receive marketing and SEO benefits through the self-serve STC blog where they tell the stories behind their donations –– making marketing mutually beneficial to industries and charities.

Opportunities we developed with STC include: mapping the entrepreneurial journey, design and digital marketing talent, strategic partnership leads, and targeted outreach resources.

Digital Patient Care Assist (DPCA)

AI-driven healthcare app for assisting individuals who deal with chronic and long-term morbidity conditions

A large percentage of adults have at least 1 of 10 common chronic diseases as of 2020. This patient-centered care assist service collects health data, offers plans and recommendations to patients, and facilitates interactions between patients and various healthcare professionals.

Opportunities we developed with DPCA include: mapping the entrepreneurial journey, exposure to a national innovation ecosystem, strategic partnership leads, and matching funds.

Esvedra Immersive

Wellness experiences in Virtual Reality


EsVedra is a global community of wellness content creators offering locally-driven, science-backed audio experiences to users around the world through the EsVedra App. They set out to develop an idea for immersive 3D wellness solutions for the emerging market. 

Opportunities we developed with EsVedra include: market-building approach, bespoke design teams, a custom R&D framework, prototype delivery, Fortune 2000 partnership leads, $45K in government matching funds for R&D.

Moses Filter

Industrial design for municipalities and organizations to pass environmental inspections and prevent ocean waste


Most waste entering storm drains ends in our oceans and causes public safety hazards. Moses catches and analyzes it to inform upstream solutions, while providing customized employment for marginalized groups and Individuals with All Abilities for more socially responsible storm drain maintenance. 

Opportunities we developed with Moses include: design talent, prototyping resources, marketing, matching funds, a university partner, Corporate Social Responsibility partner leads including MacDonald's Canada, Series A venture capital intros and pitches, exposure to a national innovation ecosystem, and customer discovery.

Resources & Awards

Offerings through our government and corporate partners.

Mahshid Khosravi is an accomplished entrepreneur in Iran's startup ecosystem. She is Co-Founder and Business Development Manager at MIZANTE, and a Consultant bridging international startup & incubator networks.

Entrepreneur in Residence

Design Research

Examine the human-centred issues the business addresses, and define the challenges that drive the most value.

Service Design

Dissect the customer’s core needs, frustrations, and motivations, and tailor their journey and the support process needed throughout discovering and experiencing the product.

Product Market Fit

The problem or pain point the startup is solving or addressing for the customer.

Product Management

Understand iterative prototyping and user testing methods, and structure a smarter strategy for establishing the MVP and continuing to innovate within the product.

Ecosystem Building

Design a network of stakeholders across various organizations and people that enable the startup to share resources through strategic partnerships.

Management & Leadership

Establish the core values of a leader and apply them to cultivate, sustain and retain teams.

Business Development

Utilize thorough frameworks including OKRs and KPIs, and ICE methodology to establish objectives, measure performance, prioritize projects, and maximize impact.

Funding Pitch

Identify and target opportunities to pursue angel investors, VCs, Micro-VCs, sponsors, and government grants.

Comprised of 4,200 angel investors, 50 incubators and accelerators, and 45 angel groups, our members have invested $1.38 billion into 2,000 entrepreneurial companies. In all regions of Canada, we work to mobilize angel capital so that entrepreneurs have the financial resources they need to scale and grow world-class companies.

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