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Business & Ecosystems

Service Design, Advanced Technology, Strategic Partnerships, Brand Development

Applying technology innovation (AI, data science, coding) in partnership with Google AI and AWS to fast-track the solutions of influential organizations on the frontlines of addressing systemic racism globally.

Service Design, Community Strategy, Strategic Partnerships, Brand Development

A public diplomacy initiative to enrich innovation between Switzerland and Western Canada through community building among Consulates and a variety of organizations across sectors.

Market Research, UX UI Design, Virtual Reality

Ethics & compliance training in the finance industry lacks engagement, retention, and authenticity. As an R&D partner, we led prototyping production for a first-of-its-kind spatial Learning & Development solution in Virtual Reality (VR).

Strategy Design, Brand Development, Marketing, Consulting

As a strategic and acceleration partner, we are helping deliver on a federal mandate to diversity the Western Canadian economy - starting by advancing 300 Black-led businesses by 2025.

Brand Development

IWAA facilitates equal employment opportunities for Individuals With All Abilities by bridging job seekers, government organizations, and employers. We established the branding and messaging to help them realize this mission.

Service Design, Community Strategy, Strategic Partnerships, Brand Development

Launching Boma's university community framework and toolkit worldwide, we featured members of Emily Carr University of Art + Design presenting innovations in technology, ethics, science, wellness and art that address Climate Action for a panel of experts to activate them through the Boma community.

Industrial Design, Brand Development, Strategic Partnerships

Moses Filter is a device that significantly reduces the amount of solid waste entering the ocean by capturing storm drain debris, while creating inclusive employment opportunities to maintain filters in Canadian municipalities. We established R&D partners and co-investments, developed community strategy, and established CSR partnership leads.

Something to Contribute - Coming Soon

Market Research, Community Strategy, Brand Development

We are doing research and development to co-create a mission-driven marketing platform that connects Canada's charities + small businesses through an innovative partnership model.

Ariemei - Coming Soon

Market Research, UX UI Design, Community Strategy

Developed by AfroVanConnect, Ariemei aims to provide diversity in digital spaces by connecting people of African descent to resources and Black-owned businesses via mobile app. As an R&D partner, we established the Ariemei prototyping and production workflow.

Strategic Partnerships

The business summit with global impact, GLOBE Series is the largest and longest-running sustainable business summit and innovation showcase in North America with corporate, government and young leaders from 97 countries. Given the urgency of the global climate crisis, GLOBE 2020 focused on impact, action and outcomes. We represented a range of local innovators to create opportunities throughout the delegation and showcase.

Pints n' Pitches

Community Strategy, Strategic Partnerships

Comprised of entrepreneurs, social innovators, scientists and storytellers, we collaborate with Conexkt Innovation Studio to use business as a force for good. We help curate and prepare imminent local innovators and networks, focusing on the power of collective intelligence and creativity to evaluate and transform ideas into successful services, products, or projects.

Community Strategy, Strategic Partnerships, Brand Development

With a group of organizations, incubators and universities across Canada, we came together to launch an online hackathon for multi-topical ideas that can help Canada show solidarity and emerge stronger from COVID-19.

Armada - Coming Soon

Brand Development, UX/UI Design, Advanced Technology

An app-based solution for interoperability of healthcare data.

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