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Design Thinking for Science Communication

Bringing together the worlds of art, science and communications to evolve existing science communication practices and prepare the next generation of scientists, in collaboration with TRIUMF Lab (Canada's particle accelerator centre) and joined by TED-Ed community members.

Our Role

Service Design

2D Animation

Strategic Partnerships

Focus Areas

A community-driven methodology integrating content, language, design, presentation, and social media

Learner Types

Literary Devices


The Digital Image

Color Theory



Social Media


Recent Work

TEDx Talk by TRIUMF Nuclear Physicist Jason Holt

Can the experience of science be an art of its own? Discover for yourself as Holt unravels the parallel beauties and mysteries that arise in works of art and theoretical physics like the atomic nucleus, dark matter, and magic numbers.​

Holt is interested in slowly unraveling how the universe works and expanding the limits of human knowledge. As a theoretical nuclear physicist, his work expands our understanding of the heart of matter: the nucleus of the atom. From the origin of the elements to the lifecycles of stars to the secrets of dark matter, it turns out that the inner-workings of the atomic nucleus at the most fundamental levels are intertwined with some of the most fascinating mysteries we know of in our universe – and some of the most intriguing mysteries we have yet to even discover.

TED-Ed explores how scientists have managed to eradicate diseases.

Find out how smallpox became the first (and only) disease to be permanently eradicated through the use of vaccination and isolation to prevent transmission.

For most of human history, we have sought to treat and cure diseases. But only in recent decades did it become possible to ensure that a particular disease never threatens humanity again. Julie Garon and Walter A. Orenstein detail how the story of smallpox – the first and only disease to be permanently eliminated – shows how disease eradication can happen, and why it is so difficult to achieve.

Lesson by Julie Garon and Walter A. Orenstein, animation by TOGETHER.

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