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Digital Patient Care 


Our Role

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Strategic Partnership

This patient-centered care assist service collects health data, offers plans and recommendations to patients, and facilitates interactions between patients and various healthcare professionals.

An AI-driven app for assisting individuals who deal with chronic and long-term morbidity conditions.

Design Approach

Research shows that many factors play into the patient experience during a medical journey. We believe that providing tools and tweaking patients' interactions in each part of the health care system will lead to a better experience both for patients and health care providers.

We are applying an empowerment and patient-centered approach utilizing the five “Es” of Empowerment according to the European Patients Forum (EPF).

5 E'S of Empowerment 

Patients can make informed decisions about their health if they are able to access all the relevant information, in an easily understandable format.

1. Educate

To assist them in self-managing treatment. Patients self-manage their condition every day so they have a unique expertise on healthcare which needs to be supported.

2. Expertise

Patients need support to become equal partners with health professionals in the management of their condition.

3. Equality

Individual patients work with patient organizations to represent them, and channel their experience and collective voice.

4. Experience

Engage patients in the treatment process. Patients need to be involved in designing more effective healthcare for all and in research to deliver new and better treatments and services.

5. Engage

Research Context

According to Public Agency of Canada, 73% of individuals aged 65+ and 44% of adults aged 20+ years have at least 1 of 10 common chronic diseases as of 2020.

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Project Lead

Nasim is a human-centered design researcher and design strategist working with government agencies to streamline global data. She has worked across visual, product and service design industries in Iran and North America.

Nasim Farsani, ISM Team

Expert Interviews

While healthcare interviewees are genuinely concerned how reliable an AI planner and diagnosis could be, they believe that incorporating the following requirements must be considered in designing a reliable system.

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