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EsVedra Wellness VR

EsVedra is a global community of wellness content creators offering locally-driven, science-backed experiences to practitioners around the world through the EsVedra mobile app. We have partnered to develop immersive 3D wellness solutions for the emerging market.


Our Role

Market Research

Service Design

UX UI Design

Virtual Reality


With over 2500 wellness apps offering a range of experiences, and a fast evolving VR industry with a generation of the most affordable products discontinuing, we are analyzing how practitioners will value immersive 3D in the future of wellness.

Market Research

Based on unique value propositions, we canvased three potential business models and pinpointed their Must Haves, Should Haves, Could Haves, and Must Avoids.

Business Development

We evaluated how VR is perceived or used in different sectors, and are developing relevant industry partners and community collaborators.

Strategic Partnership

As we learn more about the global EsVedra community, how to preserve the integrity of their locally-driven content around the world, and the emerging market, we are establishing parameters for making the variety of EsVedra experiences as accessible as possible to all.

Community Strategy

In tandem with SWOT analysis, project roadmapping, ethnographic research, and established VR research, we are designing a series of surveys to determine optimal methodologies for structuring experiments and iterative prototypes among EsVedra stakeholders.

UX Research

We are combining VFX, interaction design, and architecture methods to address the technical challenges of building an adaptable platform that bridges emerging industries.

Prototype Production


Beta Testing

Product Design Lead

Elham is a product designer with entrepreneurial experience. She has design and research experience in health and wellbeing, child education, virtual reality, game and fashion. Having a MA in industrial design as well as a Master’s degree in interaction design has practically formed Elham’s knowledge of human-centred design.

Elham Atighi, ISM Team


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