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Eyes On The Sky

We rely on satellites for service like television, GPS, climate monitoring, and space exploration. However, NASA has identified orbital debris as a top risk to spaceflight programs due to collisions among millions of bits of abandoned metal. The AstriaGraph currently tracks 26,000 satellites and objects that orbit the Earth. However, more needs to be done for us to continue to use space services to thrive.

Uniting leading researchers and professors from the University of Texas at Austin’s schools of Engineering, Communication, and Fine Arts, Eyes on the Sky’s goal is to increase public awareness and foster a new sustainable development goal recognized by the United Nations. With a goal of 10,000 visitors per year, participants will travel together on an interactive and emotional journey and catch a glimpse of the future we all have a part to play in. We are now fundraising for this initiative to protect and preserve the planet and space for generations to come.


Community Strategy

An initiative of the Eyes on the Sky Team of researchers and professors from the University of Texas, Austin.

A cutting-edge Extended Reality SkyDome experience to increase awareness and foster a new United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for space environmentalism.

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