Image by Nathan Dumlao


Fellows are emerging serial creatives who break conventions, challenge perspectives, and collaborate to imagine how to forge the future of the platform while enriching their independent work. They work closely with us to experiment, research, explore the limits of their craft across our initiatives, create new ways to apply their practice in the world, become active in the extended network, and innovate within our organizational models to pursue their latest ideas. They are passionate and thoughtful, imaginative and bold, and believe that anything is possible.



Born in Guangzhou, China and raised in Canada, Jiaqing is an independent animator, photographer, dancer, singer-songwriter, and world traveller.


Alongside law, business and project management, Somit explores the bleeding edge of cinematography and immersive media.


Nidhi is an industrial designer with a fascination for physics. She gave a TEDx talk about how thinking like a jigsaw puzzler can change the world.


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