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We have a passion for helping social entrepreneurs launch important early-stage innovations from the ground up, and provide the cross-sector knowledge and cross-disciplinary expertise to take them from idea to prototype and discovery.

Over the course of 3-6 months in a hybrid or virtual format with flexible scheduling, we guide them through a unique process of UX Research, Business Development, Design Thinking, Community Strategy, and Strategic Partnerships. Funding, benefits, equity, or fee structures are customized case by case, and prospective startups, partners and funders from any location are invited to express interest for consideration on a rolling basis.



Projects that have successfully reached their next phase throughout our process

Outcomes: onboarding talent, technical resources, marketing materials, academic partnership, government funding, accessing national networks, connection to prospective partners and customers, investor pitch facilitation, roadmaps



Industrial design for municipalities and organizations to pass environmental inspections and prevent ocean waste

Nearly 100% of waste that enters storm drains ends in our oceans, and is a primary cause of home disasters, motor vehicle accidents, and local water supply contamination. Moses Filter catches the waste, and their team provides maintenance and waste analysis to inform upstream solutions for complex municipal waste challenges at scale. Moses also provides customized employment for marginalized groups and Individuals with All Abilities to enable more socially responsible and affordable storm drain maintenance service for municipalities and organizations seeking to pass inspections while serving their ESG goals. Moses is entering the initial implementation phase in Canadian several municipalities. The future of Moses is in the powerful data it will amass.

Opportunities we created for Moses include: design talent, prototyping resources, marketing, matching funds, a university partner, Corporate Social Responsibility partner leads including MacDonald's Canada, Series A venture capital intros and pitches, exposure to a national innovation ecosystem, and their first customer for a 4 acre radius of drains.



Wellness experiences in Virtual Reality

EsVedra is a global community of wellness content creators offering locally-driven, science-backed audio experiences to users around the world through the EsVedra App. They set out to develop an idea for immersive 3D wellness solutions for the emerging market. 

Opportunities we created for EsVedra include: market-building approach, bespoke design teams, a custom R&D framework, prototype delivery, Fortune 2000 partnership leads, $45K in government matching funds for R&D.



AI-driven healthcare app for assisting individuals who deal with chronic and long-term morbidity conditions

According to Public Agency of Canada, 73% of individuals aged 65+ and 44% of adults aged 20+ years have at least 1 of 10 common chronic diseases as of 2020. This patient-centered care assist service collects health data, offers plans and recommendations to patients, and facilitates interactions between patients and various healthcare professionals. DPCA is entering the prototyping phase. The future of DPCA is in the evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Opportunities we created for DPCA include: mapping the entrepreneurial journey, exposure to a national innovation ecosystem, strategic partnership leads, and matching funds.

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A marketing platform to connect and amplify Canada's charities and small businesses

STC will provide a web-based platform where businesses can browse, pinpoint, select and donate to the charities they align with most, and in turn, receive marketing and SEO benefits through the self-serve STC blog where they tell the story behind how the charity they chose is relevant to their work –– making marketing mutually beneficial to industries and charities. Individuals may also access the database to donate and volunteer at their convenience, and charities may access the network and marketing capabilities on a customized basis. STC is entering the design phase. The future of STC is in the relationships formed among its pilot users. 

Opportunities we created for STC include: mapping the entrepreneurial journey, design and digital marketing talent, strategic partnership leads, and targeted outreach resources.

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