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Scott Mallory, Jr.

Primarily an audiovisual artist, I integrate my backgrounds in multimedia storytelling, student-centered teaching methodologies, and project management. My personal artwork explores themes in philosophy and physics, and as an Arts & Culture Curator, I collaborate with TRIUMF Lab, Canada's particle accelerator centre, to develop novel ways to communicate the value of science. As faculty of Dynamic Media at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, an ESL educator and a TEDx Organizer, I create collaborative learning experiences across cultures and communities with global reach, and I'm honored to receive the Top 100 Leaders in Education Award at Global Forum for Education and Learning in 2020.

I hold an MFA in Media Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, BFA in Fine Arts & Philosophy Minor from University of Maryland, Diploma in Visual Effects & Animation from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, Certificates in Filmmaking from London Film Academy UK and Prague Film School, CELTA Certification in Language Teaching from International House Lisbon, and Certificates in Global Business and Entrepreneurship from Harvard HBX.  

What draws me to a project most is learning and creativity. I enjoy when I'm learning a lot and almost can't create fast enough to keep up. When I eventually end up creating more than I'm learning is when I seek out a new project. In doing so, I believe that for as long as we are uncertain about the ultimate nature of reality, we have to believe that anything is possible.



As my artwork evolved, my tools of choice evolved from drawing & painting to video art, filmmaking, 3D animation & visual effects, and virtual reality. My music branched into sound art, and my writings evolved into different forms, hybrids & performance. Inspired by a range of outlets, I have contributed to projects for the Venice Biennale Reception, the TED Conference, Smithsonian, Spark Animation Festival, and others.


Metaphorical experiences exploring paradox, perception, metaphysics, and science.


Enhanced moments abroad.