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Racial Equity accelerator

Case Study

Our team and core partners have launched social initiatives with advanced technology including Google AI Impact Challenge.

In this case study, a smartphone app was developed that applies machine learning to weather data to help farmers be more efficient with water resources in arid regions where agriculture is critical to the livelihood of millions such as the Middle East and Africa.

Who is Involved

Our Model


Working with organizations in the US and globally who specialize in criminal justice reform, housing equity, healthcare access, education & workforce, civic engagement & voting, and eradicating racism.

5 Million People

5 Countries

85 Countries

All 50 US States

Featured Projects

Supporting Small Business

Mapping that shows which black-owned businesses need help after the pandemic or otherwise so that they can get the available resources.

Diversity in Technology & Engineering

Infusing cloud into a curriculum that connects schools of technology, journalism and business and helps get students certified, creating a pipeline for diversity in cloud based engineering through educational programs and databases.

Migrants' Rights & Opportunities

A tool that translates and updates policies in real-time, making migrants aware of their rights and most up to date key opportunities.

Diversity Index

Generating metrics for monitoring EDI performance in organizations and society.

Civic Engagement App

An app based community where people can find which racial equity and civic organizations they can engage with based on their passion and interest.

Corporate EDI Training Platform

An A-Z provision for Leadership, Bias Training, Racial Equity Training, Privilege
Training, Equitable Hiring, Equitable Language. Including games and interactive surveys driven
by basic psychology that determines subsequent prompts in real-time based on responses.

Media Monitoring

AI-powered Media Monitoring platform for race related articles and TV shows to track race portrayal as negative, neutral or inclusive, to inform how to intervene at the media and community level.


Supply a grant pool of $500K-$1M  per project for operational costs of the program.

Family Foundations

Corporate Organizations

Wealthy Individuals

Celebrity Influencers


Propose innovative ways to achieve their solutions for advancing racial equity.


Civic Organizations

Educational Institutions
Mission-Driven Startups

Tech Innovators

Assist Grantees to apply data science, AI and coding to achieve their goals.

Technology Companies

Startup and Dev Communities

Expert Mentors

Impact VCs

Although AI is increasingly used for social good through a number of grant programs, most organizations on the frontlines of addressing systemic racism remain disconnected from technology innovation. We are bringing them together in the only initiative of its kind that focuses on racial equity in the US and globally.

A grant-based program providing racial equity organizations with advanced technology (data science, AI, coding) to fast-track their solutions to systemic racism multifold.

For Companies

Bringing together a cohort of nonprofit and corporate partners to develop a cloud based suite of AI-driven tools that optimize Equity, Diversity and Inclusion within companies.

Corporate Training

Civic Engagement Resources

Diversity Index & Assessment

Talent Pipelines

More Ways To Collaborate

We invite potential partners to innovate within the framework through value-adding collaboration.

Bring stakeholders and decision-makers into our ecosystem, and create relevant reach through your extended networks and outlets.

Network Ambassador

Collaborate or partner with another organization on a joint idea, or provide in-kind mentorship and resources to teams.

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