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Triumf Lab Virtual: ISAC-II

Immersive 3D experiences inside Canada's Particle Accelerator Centre, home of the world's largest cyclotron at the frontiers of physics discovery.

Service Design, UX|UI, Advanced Technology, Spatial Computing

Triumf Lab 3D: ARIEL

The ARIEL facility at Canada's Particle Accelerator Centre is revolutionizing the study of isotopes for science, medicine and business. We created 3D views into ARIEL using LiDAR scanning technology.

Service Design, UX|UI, Advanced Technology, Spatial Computing

Background Radiation

Motion graphics development for TRIUMF's RGD award-winning infographic of “PIF & NIF” (Proton Irradiation Facilities and Neutron Irradiation Facilities).

Service Design, UX|UI

Eyes on The Sky

A cutting-edge Extended Reality SkyDome experience to increase awareness and foster a new United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for space environmentalism.

Community Strategy

Innovation Exchange

Connecting Canadian science facilities with emerging technologists to advance the implementation of Machine Learning in scientific discovery.

Advanced Technology, Strategic Partnerships

UCOT Animation Series

Humorous and educational 2D animations for the only platform in the world with a sole purpose of addressing the Unintended Consequences of Technology. UCOT brings together thinkers and doers from 40+ countries to share ideas with a mission to bring awareness and develop solutions to the unintended consequences of technology, envisioning a world where technology is designed to complement humanity but not replace it.

Service Design, 2D Animation

Design Thinking For Science Communication

Developing virtual courseware for emerging scientists in collaboration with TRIUMF educators, TED-Ed animators, and design experts to help prepare the next generation of problem-solvers and create greater access to STEM.

Service Design, 2D Animation, Strategic Partnerships

SDSS Data Art Platform

An interactive audiovisual platform driven by black holes data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which has produced the most detailed three-dimensional maps of the universe ever made.

Advanced Technology, Strategic Partnerships

Daniola Corporation - Coming Soon

Daniola Corporation is the mining industry's digital exchange platform offering secure, traceable end-to-end solutions for traders of minerals, metals, and gemstones globally.

Market Research, Service Design, Brand Development

Digital Patient Care Assist

An AI-driven app for assisting individuals who deal with chronic and long-term morbidity conditions.

UX|UI, Strategic Partnerships

Malori Observatory

A twelve-acre astronomical observatory in development in the Midwest United States for the coming decade, in collaboration with founders and enthusiasts who have a passion for exploring our cosmic origins.

Advanced Technology, Community Strategy, Strategic Partnerships

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