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Our Values

The platform represents a suffix that may denote a state or quality, principle, practice, system, philosophy, ideology, movement, an action or its result.

It takes on the intrinsic nature of the suffix in itself, leaving its denotation open to multiplicity. It shapeshifts, responds, expands, contracts, explores and indulges in possibility, finds its way into the unexpected, tries to see in every direction, creates dimension, and never does just one thing, but always does things that are necessary. It is a "way," of navigating complex constellations of things we did not know were there.

This is how it first emerged out of one intriguing collaboration, how it multiplied into a variety of imminent calls to action, and is the lifeblood of how it continues to create opportunity.

Meaning Behind ISM

About ISM

ISM Arts & Culture Ltd. is a BC Canada provincial corporation operating in strategic partnership, collaboration, joint venture, subsidiary, commission, revenue share, and client models across projects. Alongside launching proprietary passion projects, we take a holistic systems approach to working with people and organizations in a variety of stakeholder and financial structures, and we continue to explore initiatives that are driven by passion and defined by creativity and impact.

As a creative consultancy, we can work with you as an incubator end-to end, creative agency a la carte, or a strategic partner to support mutual clients at any of their phases.

Work Ethic

We are serial founders and high-volume creatives on journeys to discover.


We find what we have in common, act on what connects us, and leave our differences aside.


We acknowledge that anything is possible, and take risks without being risk-seeking.


We believe the unbending desire to make something happen, makes it happen.


We design initiatives to be not only for, but by who they serve.

Critical Thinking

We access multiple categories of theory, practice, and context to formulate new ones.

Our Story

After a decade-wide body of independent multimedia creative work by Scott Mallory Jr. since 2006 (including a music collective called "ISM" later used as a production studio and personal brand) which gradually involved more people, teams, groups and organizations, he entered a collaboration in 2019 that ultimately required a new corporate structure and called for a new brand altogether (ISM Arts & Culture). This marked a shift towards focusing on more cross-stakeholder initiatives and continuing to operate with the new brand.

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