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Scott Mallory


Director of Design

Product Manager

Nasim Farsani

Senior Consultant

UX Researcher

Service Design

Jasmin A. Rehmani

Senior Consultant

Business Strategy

Business Development

Chris Jung

Lead Technologist

Front-end Development

Elham Atighi

Lead Product Designer

UX UI Design

Vahid Behroozabadi

Business Consultant

Design Consultant

Alexandra Solea

Market Analysis Consultant

Cultural Advisor

Mercy Akamo

Business Consultant


Abhinav Paul

Mixed Reality

Product Design

Marva Abouei

UX UI Design

Game & Extended Reality

Kaiwen Yang

Technical Artist

Kimia Gholami

UX Researcher

Product Design Consultant

Chen Xiao Tian

UX Design

Zahra Jalali

Product Design Consultant

Yuriy Kyrzov

Communication Design

UI Design

June Tang

Interaction Design

Aman Singh

Data Visualization


Mikayla Haylie Kayla 

Motion Design

Layout Design

Cindy Nachareun 

Experience Design

Tam Nguyen

Personal Development Consultant

Brittany Nickerson 

Finance Administration 

Yuhyun Hwang

UX UI Design

Graphic Design

Celia Liao

Events & Coordination Advisor

Cecilia Ho

Marketng Strategy

Heather Woolley

Project Coordinator


Monserrat Palencia 

Social Media Specialist

Raashi Saxena 

Community Partnerships Strategy



Fellows are emerging serial creatives who break conventions, challenge perspectives, and collaborate to imagine how to forge the future of the platform while enriching their independent work. They work closely with us to experiment, research, explore the limits of their craft across our initiatives, create new ways to apply their practice in the world, become active in the extended network, and innovate within our organizational models to pursue their latest ideas.



Coming together from arts, business, international relations and design thinking to drive social innovation.

We can work with you in English, French, German, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, Italian, Romanian, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Kavya Negi

Inspired by the latest technologies, Kavya combines her interests as an artist, violinist, physics communicator and coder based in Delhi.

Somit Sharma

Alongside law, business and project management, Somit explores the bleeding edge of cinematography and immersive media.

Jiaqing Chen

Born in Guangzhou, China and raised in Canada, Jiaqing is an independent animator, photographer, dancer, singer-songwriter, and world traveller.

Barbara Sliva

Bárbara explores journalism and communications in social mobilization, events and radio, education, human rights and regional development in Brazil.

Davi Wenk Dos Santos

Davi is a foreign language teacher passionate about arts and spirituality. He believes "the world needs more people who search for what they can give, not for what they can get."

Nina Guo

Nina co-founded the non-profit Activities for Autistic Kids Online (AAO) involving music, culinary arts, yoga and more. She pursues ways to link her passions for biology and working with people.

Nidhi Hira

Nidhi is an industrial designer with a fascination for physics. She gave a TEDx talk about how thinking like a jigsaw puzzler can change the world.

Dayanne Goulart Cortez

Dayanne is a Future Librarian who innovates with storytelling, curation, branding, community management, education, and strategic media.

What We Look For

Values-driven ideas for future projects or imagining how current projects may continue to unfold.


Exploration, experimentation, and innovation across any range of backgrounds and disciplines.


Methodological know-how and experience in a field to identify and serve a specific need of any current or potential projects.


Reach individuals who share the mission of a project, and forge relationships with contributors and stakeholders.


Bring proven concepts or projects, and co-develop or enrich local, regional and global networks or ecosystems across sectors.


Value-adding collaboration through the combining of resources and communities to realize measurable or anecdotal impact.


We are currently recruiting for roles in education.

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