At the intersection of New Media, Curation and Education.

Bringing together curators, audiovisual artists, designers, writers and educators to support game-changing initiatives that pursue knowledge production, meaning, innovation and impact.




With a group of organizations, incubators and universities across Canada, we're coming together to launch an online hackathon for multi-topical ideas that can help Canada show solidarity and emerge stronger from the COVID-19 situation. It's open for participants from all backgrounds to work with others on creative solutions, serve as mentors for projects, and propose challenges across topics including data, economic impact, arts & culture, medical care, crime reduction, education, family & kids, isolation & mental health and more.


Boma is a global network of local partners across stakeholders in 11 countries tackling humanity's biggest challenges to shape the future. To launch Boma's university community framework and toolkit worldwide, we featured members of Emily Carr University (Canada's top ranked art + design school) presenting innovations in technology, ethics, science, wellness and art that address Climate Action for a panel of experts to activate them through the Boma community. Read behind the scenes at Boma Discover.


For the only platform in the world with a sole purpose of addressing the Unintended Consequences of Technology, we produce a series of humorous and educational 2D animations. With delegates in 40+ countries, UCOT brings together thinkers and doers to share ideas with a mission to bring awareness and come up with solutions to the unintended consequences of technology. As technology continues to expand, UCOT envisions world where technology is designed to serve and/or complement humanity but not replace it.


Moses builds city infrastructure technology that reduces the amount of solid waste reaching the ocean while creating inclusive employment opportunities in Canadian municipalities. We develop and scale local community strategy and integrated corporate partnerships.


Comprised of entrepreneurs, social innovators, scientists and storytellers, Conexkt is committed to using business as a force for good. We curate and prepare imminent local innovators and networks for Pints N' Pitches, focusing on the power of our collective intelligence and creativity to evaluate the possibilities of transforming ideas into successful services, products, or projects.

GLOBE 2020

The business summit with global impact, GLOBE Series is the largest and longest-running sustainable business summit and innovation showcase in North America with corporate, government and young leaders from 97 countries. Given the urgency of the global climate crisis, GLOBE 2020 had a laser focus on impact, action and outcomes. We represented a range of local innovators to create opportunities throughout the delegation and showcase.





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