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We tailor strategic partnerships throughout our network to support each phase and aspect of your journey, and welcome new partners to exchange resources and cross-pollinate communities to better serve our mutual clients.

Strategic Partner

By applying systems thinking, we cultivate cross-sector and cross-stakeholder collaboration that connects community, non-profit, for-profit, social enterprise, government, and education. In doing so, we prioritize SDG alignment, ESG responsibility, social innovation, systems change, radical collaboration, business as a force for good, and collective impact.


This enables us to build bridges for entrepreneurs, creatives, collectives, startups at any stage, small & medium businesses, emerging enterprises, corporations, impact organizations, government organizations & agencies, research institutions & schools, financial institutions, funders & investors, innovation hubs, incubators & accelerators, boutique or major consultancies, and otherwise hyper-relevant entities in any field.

Ecosystem Partners

Organizations we work with to tailor stakeholder opportunities across our portfolios.


Complimentary Deloitte from maximizing Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits and other domestic and international government incentives to financing and company tax returns to pursuing venture capital, and corporate events.


Bespoke advising to navigate government funds, entering or growing in new markets, focusing on R&D, pitch opportunities and partner introductions, funding, hiring and retaining talent –– for pre-venue, growth ($3-5M), or hypergrowth ($20M).

Matching Funds

Developing and managing projects that link the private sector and post-secondary institutions, drive Canadian and international collaborations which solve organizational challenges, and contribute to developing the nation’s innovation capacity.


Futurpreneur has long supported aspiring business owners aged 18-39. For BIPOC Foundation's Black Founders Hub accelerator (BFH), we initiated a first-of-its kind Fast Track program for BFH to prequalify startups for expedited Futurpreneur loans of up to $60K.

Venture Capital

Alt Ventures is Canada’s leading pre-seed venture capital firm. With a focus on sustainability and financial inclusion, they invest essential funding to turn groundbreaking ideas into market-leading enterprises by fueling their initial growth, development, and expansion.

Capital Solutions

PERA was born to fill the gap between the flow of capital to entrepreneurs, business owners, and founders, helping with equity or debt financing through a network of 100+ funders –– for Series A+ startups seeking venture capital or organizations seeking financing of $250K+.

Growth Investment

Gowth advisory and aquisitions to build, systematize and scale great companies with between $2MM and $50MM + in top-line revenue and >$750k in EBITDA. Access specialized sessions for actionable tools and strategies to scale exponentially.

Grants Research

Researching and assistance to apply for government grants. Government grants are available for a variety of business ideas and projects, including international expansion and export, hiring and recruiting, professional development and additional training, and more.

Scale Partnerships

Cultivating national and international ecosystem growth by joining entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and policymakers across diverse sectors to collaborate on groundbreaking interdisciplinary ideas that promote sustainable growth and economic excellence.


Creating an engaged and vibrant network of changemakers who remove friction across industries, countries and companies by linking and building trust between existing global leadership networks through major business events to remove blockers to changing the world.

Social Impact

With experience up to the highest level of government, Gilded Knight helps organizations and leaders throughout the private, non-profit, and social sectors through strategic analysis, executive coaching, community engagement, and donor advising.


Building bridges for innovative strategic alliances across Canada and internationally to unlock pathways for entrepreneurship, labour markets, economic development, and social initiatives involving Black, Indigenous and People of Color including STEM education.


Tailored, direct referrals and complimentary sessions for immigration services to help relocate to or visit Canada for entrepreneurship and Startup Visa, workforce, education, and otherwise contributing to the fabric of Canadian society.

Startup Advising

Exclusive advising on HR, sales, customer services, finance, operations, strategic planning, financials, projections, full stack marketing, investor preparation, pitch design, public speaking, and investor networks –– for startups, scaleups, and new entrepreneurs.

UX Lab

A world leader in art, media, and design merging studio practice, research, and critical theory in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment that encourages experimentation at the intersections of art, design, media, and technology.

New Media

Digital Domain has been at the forefront of research, development and innovation for over two decades pushing the boundaries of art, science, technology and storytelling to create the world’s most stunning creative work in visual effects, film and immersive media.

Advanced Tech

A spin-off of McMaster University's Computer Infrastructure Research Centre (CIRC) providing product solutions and facilities for software, AI&ML, electronics, robotics, simulations, and industrial design across industries like healthtech, cleantech, industrial automation, and edtech.

Digital Products

An end-to-end digital product agency specializing in research-based UX design across a team of designers, researchers, and engineers led by founders who have built and exited startups and worked with some of Canada's largest businesses.

Creative Tech

An award winning development company with capabilities in metaverse, NFT marketplace, web, mobile, blockchain, dApps, AR/VR, UX/UI, AI/ML, IoT, DevOps, big data & analytics, cloud intrastructure, and e-commerce. 


$5K credit for technology development to enhance current processes, scale architecture, or build new prototypes. Established by tech transformation leaders for major financial institutions, Velocity Inc. provides full-service digital strategy and software engineering.

Digital Adoption

Complimentary consulting with an official Digital Advisor of Canada's Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) helping mid-sized organizations increase profitability via Process Optimization, Digital Transformation, and Staff Augmentation.


As an AWS and Salesforce Partner with clients like McKinsey & Company, Zeb unlocks the value of your technology and platforms to deliver revolutionary experiences to your enterprise and your customers through app development, data strategy, DevSecOps, and mobility. 

Digital Marketing

Since the first release of the iPhone, Codigo has worked on app and web development, staff augmentation, UX/UI design, into-the-future technology, enterprise apps, and quality assurance -- complemented with demand-generation marketing, digital marketing.

Promo Automation's AI-powered platform helps create professional ads and social media content in minutes, reach a targeted audience, track advertising performance, and optimize campaigns for better results. Get exclusive access to $500 in Google Ad credits with a free trial or subscription.

Documentary Video

Human Biography tells captivating stories of people in business, philanthropy, innovation, education, and creativity. They produce video content for the most inspiring brands, organizations, and humans on the planet in a way that is entertaining, engaging, educating, and leaves a legacy.

CRM Software

The highest rated customer support software on G2 and Capterra, Support Bench is built with advanced capabilities like AI that not only boast features like sentiment analysis, but also adapt to your needs and ensuring you only pay for what you truly use. Access an exclusive 1-year free trial.

Formation Services

Ownr is a legal platform to start, build, and grow your business. Whether a new or seasoned business owner, access 15% discounts to register or incorporate your business in minutes, find the perfect name, automate legal and business documents, and get access to the support you need.

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